A professional teeth whitening treatment can make a note worthy difference in the way your smile looks. Teeth whitening is the most popular treatment offered by a cosmetic dentist. This is because teeth whitening are less costly than the other cosmetic dental treatments, and italso makes a considerable difference in a person’s self-confidence and appearance. Many people prefer teeth whitening products which are available over the counters. But visiting a cosmetic dentist in Coral Springs for teeth whitening is the most effective and fastest way to whiten your teeth. This is because the bleaching material used by the cosmetic dentist is stronger than that available onthe counters.

Professional teeth whitening treatmentis performed in the chamber of the cosmetic dentist or at home under the cosmetic dentist’s supervision. Here are some details of each method:

Teeth Whitening Done By A Cosmetic Dentist

How It Is Done: Firsta whitening material is directly applied to the teeth. This material contains hydrogen peroxide which acts as a bleach in concentrations of about 15 to 35percent. Then at last heat or light is used to accelerate the whitening.

Advantages: This procedure usually shows fast results. Excellent whitening can be obtained by only one session of about 60 to 90 minutes. Some people only one visit is enough but, some perfect whitening can be obtained by two or three visits. The teeth whitening treatment given in a cosmetic dentist’s chamber gives the most uniform results.

Cost: This treatment is done for a cost of about $500 to $1,200. It is the most expensive procedureof teeth whitening. This is because the more time is spent in the dentist’s chair,the more the cost.


Teeth Whitening Supervised By A CosmeticDentist At Home

How It Is Done: In this case, the cosmetic dentist takes an impression of the teeth and from it makes a customized mouth piece for you to wear. Withthe mouthpiece, the dentist will give ateeth whitening gel which contains a lower concentration of hydrogen peroxide.This teeth whitening gel is used for the in-office whitening. The gel isapplied to the inner side of the mouthpiece and then it is worn for a few hourseach day or night. The customized mouthpiece provides a maximum contact between the whitening gel and your teeth.


Advantages: Itis more convenient than the treatment done in the dentist’s chamber. In this case, you are able to whiten your teeth at home and therefore saving money over the more expensive in-office whitening.Your cosmetic dentist will timely supervise the whitening of your teeth with regular checkups to make sure that the mouth piece fits properly.

Cost: Itis done for a cost of about $300 to $500, including consultations and the material.

How White Can You Go With Teeth Whitening?

Professional teeth whitening treatment can transform your teeth up to seven shades lighter than before. However, the level of whiteness attained can vary from person to person. The level of whiteness depends on the condition of the teeth, genetics or the nature of any stains.


One should keep in mind that teeth whitening are not permanent. The procedure needs to be repeated regularly for maintaining your dazzling white smile.

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